Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do Worm Egg Counts (WEC) when just deworming every 8 to 12 weeks is an easier option?
How susceptible are my horses to liver fluke as we live on a farm and our cattle and sheep are frequently infected and our horses share the same pastures ?  
My horse rubs his tail incessantly but a recent Worm Egg Count came back negative for worm eggs.  Please explain.
My young horse has just passed an almost 20 cm long worm the size of a pencil and a recent WEC was negative.   Explain this to me!
How accurate are these worm egg counts as my mare recently changed stables and the new yard manager had her dung tested?  She looks “like a million dollars” but her WEC was over 1000 Strongyle eggs!  We dewormed her and saw no dead worms being passed.
My horse suffers regularly from colic.  Should we do a WEC or a tapeworm test on this horse even though he is regularly dewormed? 
My horse is losing weight ever since being imported from Zimbabwe to Blantyre in Malawi.  The vet  says that the liver enzymes are slightly elevated.  Can you advise what I can use to help my horse’s liver ?
Why does my horse now have 7400 EPG when he has been zero for the last two times and your lab does all my testing!
Deworming strategies where worms are rarely encountered