What our clients have say!


From JW, Kyalami :

Morning all.  Just an update on B.  He is doing exceptionally well.  He is picking up weight, his coat is shining and we have just started bringing him back into exercising.  He has got so much spunk, energy and character back.

Thank you for helping me heal my daughter's pony and giving him back a life where he feels awesome.  We really appreciate it.


(B had been tested by Worm-Ex Lab, and found to have a gastrodiscus infection.  The owner had been concerned about his weight loss.  We treated him, and this is the response we received 2 months later).



From Bitbybit Riding:

The Worm-Ex Lab team is wonderful.

Thank you so much for the great response and help with Snowflake.



From Cairnbrogie Stables:

Thank you sooo much for assisting and educating us. 

Thanks again for the fantastic service!


From Shelley Wolhuter:

I would highly recommend Worm-Ex Lab. They met Fircroft Stud with brilliant service, speedy results and detailed feedback. Dr Karl van Laeren and his team offered invaluable expertise and advice and gave us peace of mind knowing our horses’ status.

In light of all the myths and outdated practices of routine deworming, it is so reassuring to have this fantastic resource.



From Hollard Equipage:

So important to test before deworming. These guys make it so easy. 


From Daniella:

"In December last year (2021), my horse rapidly lost weight. She became, for lack of a better word, very depressed and just sat at the paddock gate a lot during the day. She lost her spunk, and was very mellow even when not worked for a long time over the holiday season - which I'm sure any thoroughbred owner can agree is very weird! I thought I had ruled out worms, because she received a broad spectrum dewormer that same December, and I was ready to spend thousands of rands having a vet evaluate her. Luckily, we decided to do a faecal count with Worm-Ex lab, who diagnosed and treated a Gastrodiscus infestation for just a couple of hundred rand. They were super friendly, and answered all of my questions. I really appreciated the expertise in the field, and it showed in how quickly my horse recovered from what could have been a fatal infestation. The transformation was phenomenal and within a couple of weeks she was looking and feeling substantially better! She got her chestnut-mare feistiness back, and has me back on my toes again as usual. She is a happy horse again, and I'm a very happy owner. "