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parasite control

What are we about?

The Worm-Ex Lab exists to assist the owner and their regular veterinarian to cost effectively implement modern evidence based preventative veterinary medical guidelines to enhance equine (and livestock and wildlife) health.


The Lab was founded on the passion and wide experience of Dr Karl van Laeren and his veterinary practice partner, Dr Jane Howes, and the widely recognized Danish veterinary deworming system.

This Danish system passed into law in Denmark in 1999, and subsequently in Netherlands in 2007, Finland in 2008 and Sweden in 2009, limits the prescription, dispensing and sale of deworming medication only in the event that evidence of excessive parasite burden exists.


The team at Worm-Ex Lab is cognizant of the need to balance the risk of certain types of colic associated with worm infestation and the reward of limiting the development of multi-drug resistant worms as a result of the over use of broad spectrum deworming medication.


To this end the practice of Drs van Laeren and Howes have 20 years of veterinary experience in parasitological consultation, diagnosis and management having examined more than 50,000 dung samples of horses, farm animals and wild life.


As a result, the Worm-Ex lab is well positioned to assist the Southern African equine community to adopt and implement this gold standard in Veterinary worm management.

What do our clients have to say?


From JW, Kyalami :

Morning all.  Just an update on B.  He is doing exceptionally well.  He is picking up weight, his coat is shining and we have just started bringing him back into exercising.  He has got so much spunk, energy and character back.

Thank you for helping me heal my daughter's pony and giving him back a life where he feels awesome.  We really appreciate it.


(B had been tested by Worm-Ex Lab, and found to have a gastrodiscus infection.  The owner had been concerned about his weight loss.  We treated him, and this is the response we received 2 months later).

Why should you test before deworming?

With the advent of widespread worm resistance to the commonly used dewormers, the term BROAD SPECTRUM DEWORMER is now a myth.  We are in real danger of landing up with worms that are multi drug resistant.  Just as medical doctors are concerned about antibiotic resistance bringing back old long forgotten diseases into our midst, so too we as horse owners need to be concerned about parasites that are flourishing in spite of our efforts at eradicating them. 


The minute brain of the parasite is beginning to outsmart the shrewdest horse owner and his veterinarian! 


Our team at Worm-Ex Lab will put you, your horses and your regular vet in an informed position to manage the increasing complexity of equine parasites better and cheaper than regular across the board deworming. 


It really does pay to count your eggs before they hatch!